Baccarat: What You Need to Know Before You Play

Baccarat: What You Need to Know Before You Play

Are you playing baccarat for the first time? If you don’t know how it works and what you need to do, read this list of tips for first-time baccarat players.

A Game to Bet on Any Side

What’s interesting about playing baccarat is that you can bet on any side – player, banker, or tie. You can freely bet on the banker in round one, then test your luck with the player next. This is different from other online casino games where you can only bet one side throughout your play.

However, while you can bet on any side, it is still important that you know how to make the appropriate bet. Which is the winning hand among the three? When you bet on the player, you are betting that its value is higher than that of the banker. When you bet on the banker, it’s exactly the opposite. But when you feel that the banker’s and the player’s hands are of equal value, then you should bet on a tie outcome.

A Simple Goal to Achieve

The objective of baccarat is very simple – place a bet on the hand whose value is 9 or closest to 9. So, if you bet on the banker and his hand value is 8 or 9, you win. And the dealer will not draw any cards anymore. You’ll automatically move to a new round or hand.

Obviously, baccarat is a game of luck. And you don’t need any excellent skills. You just have to know the “essential” baccarat strategies, such as the following:

Bet on the banker when not using a system
Minimize the house edge
Base your play on constant small returns

Betting on the banker is one of the tried-and-tested baccarat strategies. Your odds of winning on a banker bet are approximately 45% to 46%.  On the other hand, the odds of winning on a player bet are around 44%.

A Rule That Stays the Same

The best thing about baccarat is that its rules stay the same. So, whether you play at a regular or a VIP table, you won’t be confused or get surprised as the rules are pretty much the same. The only difference is the amount of the minimum bet.

As a first-time player in a baccarat site, it is highly recommended that you begin with the minimum bet. Once you’ve got the hang of it and learned some techniques, you can start betting higher. And if luck is on your side, you’re likely to get a higher return.


When you start to understand the basics of baccarat, you’ll eventually become more comfortable and confident in playing it. And with free baccarat games in and other online casino sites, you can practice and learn more.

Don’t be intimidated if it’s your first time playing baccarat. Remember that every player was once a newbie or beginner. You just need to know the rules, practice more, and above all, have fun. It is important that you are having fun while playing or else, you won’t see the joy in winning.

Author: Rita Fox